Clay Martin

Transplanted as a child in a family move from Florida, Clay, by his own admission, has become an Oklahoma lifer. Being raised in a church help set the stage for God’s plan and his purpose for Clay. He still serves as a deacon at the same church where he professed his faith at the age of 9.

From a youth at Nathan Hale to the present he has found success with his hand on the ball, whether round or a prolated spheroid. That ability was displayed thru college where he remains a career leader at OBU. His accomplishments earned him a 2011 induction into the OBU Hall of Fame and in 2018 the TPS Hall of Fame.

Moving to the Admin/coach side of the ball has not changed results. He continues to achieve and operate at the highest professional level. His current staff at Jenks High School have won more games than any staff in Jenks basketball history.

Fifteen years ago in an effort to have his wife, Shannon, be a stay-at-home mom, Clay began officiating youth sports. Moving thru the system he has become an NFL white hat referee. An accomplishment he can recall by date, hour, and minute.

Clay has been married to Shannon for 23 years. They have two children. McKenzie, who is a sophomore at Belmont University, and a son, Chase, who is a junior at Jenks High School where he is surely living the dream of having Dad as the school’s head basketball coach!